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Rachael requests that clients fill in an evaluation form after eco-assessments and eco-training to ensure a quality service is maintained.   Below is feedback from this process

Training for World Environment Day 2008 “Staff at Sinclair Knight Merz identified a need to inform people about the practical changes they could make in their lives that would lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.
Rachael was able to create a forum package that provided that information. It was important to us that we had a highly interactive forum that offered practical options, however large or small the changes could be, for people to start making a difference. And Rachael more than delivered!
After the forum was held numerous people in the company e-mailed me to tell me how good the forum was, and they believed it was one of the most interesting functions held this year.”
Klara Allsopp Environmental Scientist for Sinclair Knight Merz

Sustainability workshop. "Terrific expertise, presented in an uncomplicated easily understood way". Jack Busch Executive Coach from The Winding Staircase Pty Ltd

Environmental Sustainability Assessment. "The Uniting Church Synod engaged Rachael Roberts and Rob Gulley to perform a sustainaibility audit for the Church's main office in Perth. As individuals Rachael and Rob were approachable, passionate and knowledgable. As sustainability assessors, the pair worked hard to understand the needs of the Uniting Church, and provided us with recommendations and practical suggestions of the ways the Church could work to reduce its environmental impact. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Rachael and Rob, and would recommend this service to others."
Rosemary Hudson Miller, Uniting Church WA Synod

Home Eco-Assessment  “Great just chatting. Rachael was great listener. She also got a great sense of what was important to me, took into consideration my budget and resources, and was great at being positive and motivating. ( I am easily overwhelmed by having too many expectations made of me or things to do, I can not attain – because I want to do the right thing! Rachael balanced that well). Rachael was extremely professional, friendly, prompt and effective. I felt inspired by her way of being, her interest in the field and her service. An Excellent service.”
Michelle, Maylands

Home Eco-Assessment  “I learnt how to analyse and interpret our energy bills; why and how to avoid chemical exposure in the home; reducing energy consumption in and out of the home; better cleaning products and how to maximise the benefit of our north facing property.”
Christine, Mt Hawthorne

Home Eco-Assessment “Rachael is very well informed and communicates in a clear and friendly way that empowers you to want to keep making changes to save water and energy…and the earth!! We gained a better understanding of our water and energy usage, how that compared to the average Australian usage, what specific measures we could still take to reduce our energy and water consumption.”
Anne and Joe, Northbridge


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