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Dalai Lama forum

Dalai Lama forum .(Picture courtesy of Australian Conservation Foundation/Tony McDonough)

What can your business do to be less of a burden on our increasingly fragile planet!

Rachael is well placed to get your staff and clients motivated to go green. Rachael was asked to speak at the Sustainability Forum organised by the Australian Conservation Foundation to coincide with the Dalai Lama's recent visit to Perth. Her brief was to educate and inspire the audience to live more sustainably.

Operating in this climate of change presents both risks, but also great opportunities for business. The constructive influence your business can exert is potentially very large – it will inspire your employees and clients if you meet that challenge and take the necessary action.

Your people are your most valuable resource. With corporate support they will have the passion and enthusiasm to make extra-ordinary things happen.

Training and education in living and working sustainably is an important first step.

This journey certainly doesn’t need to be dull or boring! Rachael has designed a range of training options to suit your organization or corporate event.

Interactive and inspiring training that’s relevant to your organisation and staff on issues such as:

  • Greener is Better and Smarter
    Environmental sustainability and why it’s so crucial.
  • Environmental training combined with the world’s greatest superhero (and one of Perth’s best comedian’s) – Sustainability Man!
    Leave the day inspired, laughing and empowered to make change
  • Understanding your carbon footprint
    How big is it?
  • Become the leader
    Actions to take in your workplace and home
  • How to conduct a sustainability audit
    In your workplace or home
  • What is your sphere of influence?
    Options for greening your home and rental properties
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