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Rachael has joined forces with the world’s greatest superhero…..

Sustainability Man

‘Sustainability man.’

Faster than a speeding triple bottom line
More powerful than a rampant carbon emission
And able to leap tall bureaucrats in a single bound

No emissions target (or consultancy contract) is too small.

Sustainability Man is here to save your world.

With Rachael and Sustainability Man at the helm of your next training event, life as you know it will never be the same again. By sharing great knowledge and wisdom (some doubtful!) combined with interactive activities, your staff will leave the day inspired, laughing and empowered to take ongoing action in both their workplace and their individual lives.

All sessions are entertaining and interactive as people learn about their own carbon uggboot footprints and what they can do to be less of a burden on our increasingly fragile planet!

For more information about Sustainability man’s true identity  


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