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Global warming, managing greenhouse gas emissions, resource management, environmental sustainability, and increasing costs are major issues for all businesses.

Operating in this changing climate presents both risks and opportunities to business. The environmental footprint you can influence is potentially very large.

For the last two years Rachael has worked with Rob Gulley providing environmental sustainability assessments and training for:
Business Services

  • Business
  • Local council
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Householders

Our Qualifications:

Rachael Roberts
• Bachelor of Arts • Bachelor of Applied Science – Environmental Science • Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment

Rob Gulley
• 1st Class Fitter & Machinist • BA (Hons) Psychology • Cert. IV in Renewable Energy Technology equiv. • ‘First Rate’ home energy rating certificate • Cert. IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

If you are looking for a comprehensive environmental sustainability assessment and report, with clear recommendations and costings for your business, contact Rachael and Rob today.

All recommendations are individually tailored to your particular circumstances. A sustainability assessment would typically include energy, water, transport, waste and paper.  Rachael and Rob will work with you to ensure you get a service appropriate to your needs.

The energy component investigates your lighting, heating and cooling, hot water, appliances, equipment and standby use. Your report will detail where you are using energy and recommend actions to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and energy related costs.

We also develop and deliver a staff environmental training package to suit your organization or business.

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