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Rachael offers innovative eco-training and comprehensive sustainability assessments for your home or business.

As a professional educator and experienced speaker, Rachael will lead you onto the path to better and smarter living.

Environmental sustainability services include:

  • Business sustainability assessments;
  • Corporate training;
  • Speaking engagements and corporate events;
  • Home sustainability assessments;

After completing a degree in Environmental Science, Rachael co-founded Environment House Inc in Perth in 2001.

Passionate about the environment, Rachael has spent the last 20 years implementing practical sustainability initiatives in her own life, and more recently providing eco-assessments for householders and businesses.

Rachael is regularly involved in local sustainability initiatives:

  • A speaker at the Dalai Lama/Australian Conservation Foundation Sustainability Forum in Perth.
  • Participating in Sustainable House Day with her family home - a duplex that has undergone an affordable eco-renovation.
  • On television to promote affordable sustainable housing, with Eoin Cameron’s Green Army segment.
  • Guest speaker at the Conscious Living Expo – Climate Change and You
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